Dakson Terra Venture India Private Limited has been promoting ‘Solution Selling’ for past several years and usually offers Client Specific Solution that are highly appreciated in the industry. Our Strategic tie up with IBM, Citrix, Oracle, Hitachi etc has helped us in planning, designing, sourcing and implementing the solution not only with ease but also offered the client a great degree of satisfaction by supporting the same till end of life.

As each solution needs a thorough study, Dakson Terra Venture India Private Limited used to interact with the client for Specific input and then carry forward the study so that ground realities are maintained as per clients’ norms.

Over the years the ‘Networking’ has become an inseparable part of the ‘Solution’. The design criterion has gone through a revolutionary change that not only calls for implementation of various Network topologies but also indulge convergence of heterogeneous technologies. The paperless office or a virtual office is no more a concept but a reality and according to experts the existing concept of ‘Office’ is poised for a radical change wherein professionals will be operating through ‘Virtual Offices’ and so will be there clients. The convergence of telecommunication and IT are rapidly expanding their gamut to find the right balance to offer a host of services either off- shore or on- shore/near-shore.

The vulnerability of yester years have no place in the modern frame work and the tightly coupled end to end solutions are making their headway in every walk of life. The offering includes enterprise-level service from certified, world-class experts in a broad range of technologies and delivering effective support when you need it, providing specialists for critical applications, minimizing travel costs through remote support, offering unique services such as customization of Service Tool, server monitoring, network monitoring, Asset management etc., besides providing an efficient Service Desk that acts as central point of all activities.

Internal resources are often overworked and budgetary realities do not permit hiring additional full-time IT staff moreover the internal IT staffs may not have adequate experience and exposure with the depth and breadth of technical expertise to provide all the IT support that complex networks demands.
Typically the higher attrition rate in the IT industry often leads to situations where new support personnel should focus on keeping the Data Centre up and running but in reality the lack of comprehensive knowledge of the installation and its attributes the time available to manage the crisis becomes insufficient to address the same. The combined support force is unlikely to be able to address the assignments like effective network upgrades, O/S, Database migration, deciding the Security Policy or any other decision that warrants highly matured approach to resolve the issues.
The recent shows that the outsourced support models for information technology is becoming a de-facto standard as attempting to handle all IT service issues in-house has become counterproductive wherein senior management gets bog down with the details of IT problems resulting insignificant returns for time invested.
Most of the companies are looking forward to assign their IT Infrastructure Management to the vendor who is reliable and having multiple domain skill set with agility to support mission critical applications aside help the client to overcome the redundancy by way of offering consolidated IT Roadmap.